Everyone knows how much I LOVE brunch! I decided to take my hard earned dollars and spend it somewhere I would be appreciated. Somewhere that I am never let down when I order the food. The only thing I wished was different was that they served mimosas lol.

As usual, First Watch did not disappoint. I love trying their specials. I had the new Pork Belly Breakfast Bowl. This gluten free option satisfied all my dietary requirements while letting me engage in a little debauchery with their succulent and flavorful Asian-glazed pork belly. The meal was served with fresh jalepenos, cilantro, and two cage-free sunny side up eggs. The delicious ingredients were plated over a blended bed of quinoa, farro, and ancient brown rice.

While dining our server overheard my partner in crime and I blessing our food. In our prayer we asked for God to continue to bless us as we learned sign language and to bless our deaf friends. She asked us what church we went to when we had finished praying. Turns out she goes to the same church as one of our instructors we are learning sign language from. She also recognized my friends skincare business from the hat I was wearing. The young lady was super sweet. She even blessed us with free kale tonics on our way out. The experience totally overshadowed the negative experience I had had earlier that morning.

blessings are all around you.