Venture Kitchen and Bar is an eclectic restaurant in the heart of Downtown Hampton Virginia. It has been one of my favorite locations since it’s opening. I have lived all over the 7 cities and traveled from wherever to come eat here because of the unique food and drink pairings.

Like any business, changes in management and staff do occur. Change is supposed to equal positive growth. Over the course of the last 2 years there have been a handful of situations that have rubbed me the wrong way and I certainly deem them in the category of discrimination. Yesterday was my final straw. The bartender refused to serve me citing that they do not accept paper IDs. My new license is coming in the mail and my “interim document” or “I.D.” she claimed would not be accepted. She attempted to tell me ABC law doesn’t allow them to accept it. Which is not true (I was a bouncer at a bar for 3 years in my former life, I work for an ABC promotional liquor company, and I frequently acquire ABC licenses for my job for our parties). My friend and I came dressed in sweats and baseball caps. We look like college students. We sat at the bar and did not match the older Caucasian crowd and their business casual attire.

I will no longer be supporting Venture Kitchen and Bar in any shape way or form. My friends and business associates will no longer come here. There will be no more referrals or business meetings that will take place here for myself or my clients. My brand is no longer affiliated and that’s that.