Tonight was our Academy promotion ceremony. I met this set of children when I first came to An Achievable Dream. They had just started 1st grade. Some of these students have come and gone. The ones that we remembered one another greeted me with hugs and smiles.

One sweet girl when I met her 2 years ago was sobbing uncontrollably because her 1st grade teacher told the class she was going to be absent the next day for a meeting. This was the teacher’s first time being away from her class the entire year. I came by to get the details and plans for the next days sub assignment and saw the little girl crying her eyes out as the teacher introduced me to the class. After I greeted the kids and my intro was complete, I asked the teacher if I could talk to the child. We went over together and I reassured her that her teacher would be back the next day. I told her she didn’t have to be afraid. She cried harder. I asked her could I give her a hug. She let me, and I told her she could be my helper the next day. This small moment in time set the tone for who she was to become.

Another little boy from the same class loved to read. When I was working in the office and his parents were late picking him up from school, he would come over to my desk and we would read books together. Everytime he saw me his face would light up and he would run to hug me.

The hugs, smiles, waves, high fives, and giggles from all those little faces made every hardship, tear, and sacrifice I had to make or endure when I lost my job and transitioned into education. To see the physical fruit of my labor and see how they have flourished and blossomed adds a priceless element to the work I’m doing. I’m grateful and thankful for what God has done in using me to minister to these kids. I pray that he blesses and keeps them as they continue to the next grade. I pray that he increases my capacity and continues to allow me to make a difference.